Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Welcome 2012! I would love to say that my new years resolution is going to be blogging better, but its not. I have not really felt like there is much to say these days.

A quick update on Natimus:
Nate is now working at REI-the Salt Lake store. He is completely in love with his job!! He loves the discounts and selling memberships. More often than not, he comes home with a new purchase after working. I love how excited he gets about a great deal!! Spring classes for 2012 are going to be a little overwhelming for Nate. He is enrolled in 21 credit hours, working a small amount at REI and also preparing for the MCAT that he will be taking in July.

A quick update on Me:
I have ventured away from archaeology for the winter and have started working up in Park City. I have been working at a new restaurant at the Canyons ski resort. Its called "Bistro at Canyons". I love my job. I have meet many great new people and I am loving learning how things work behind the scenes. Its also a different style of work. This new restaurant is the first Kosher establishment in a ski resort in North America. What a fun and exciting opportunity to help open this restaurant. Spring classes 2012 are going to help me to complete my associates. My goal now is to complete it before we find out where Nate is going to medical school.

Christmas 2011
What a holiday!! All of Nate's family was in town for the first time in a long time. We took advantage of that!! If we were not working, we were with family. Unfortunately this meant that we didn't get to Alabama. It was the first Christmas away from my family. It was sad, but next year we will just have to have twice as much fun.
We were able to spend Christmas Eve with Dan, Britten and the kids. How fun! Nate and I woke up 2 hours before the kids. We could not contain the excitement we were feeling about having them wake up for Christmas. Santa was VERY good to us this year. We had an extremely blessed Christmas.
New Year's Eve was a little more hectic. I had to work. But I managed to get to Nate by 11:58 and was able to ring in the new year with my sweetheart.

I guess I do need to decide on a resolution, but for now, this update will have to do.



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